Video Live Stream Hosting

Discover seamless Live Video Stream Hosting – GDPR compliant, ensuring your streams are not just high-quality, but also secure and private. Stream with confidence and compliance.

Our customers' trust in our services reflects our commitment to providing exceptional live streaming solutions.

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Stream. Secure. Simple.

Experience live streaming that’s not just powerful, but GDPR-compliant and encrypted. Your privacy, protected.

In a world where privacy and security are not just desired but required, our Live Video Stream Hosting sets a new standard. By ensuring full GDPR compliance, we guarantee that every broadcast not only meets the highest European data protection standards but also strengthens your audience’s trust. Our commitment to utilizing SSL and HTTPS encryption takes this a step further, safeguarding every stream with top-tier, end-to-end security. This isn’t just streaming; it’s streaming with peace of mind, knowing that your content is protected, your viewers are secure, and your broadcasts are backed by the gold standard of online privacy and security. Discover the power of truly secure streaming, where GDPR compliance, SSL, and HTTPS encryption aren’t just features—they’re promises.

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Clear Costs. Brilliant Streaming.

Where pricing is as clear as our streams. Transparent, fair, straightforward.

In a landscape cluttered with unexpected costs and opaque agreements, our Live Video Stream Hosting shines with a commitment to transparent pricing. Every feature, from real-time analytics to secure, chat-enabled streaming environments, is outlined with clarity and simplicity. We believe in empowering our users with upfront information, ensuring you understand the value of every option and the benefit of each service we provide. With us, what you see is what you get: no hidden fees, no last-minute surprises, just straightforward, honest pricing that respects your budget and your trust. Embrace the confidence of making informed choices with a service that lays everything on the table. Discover the true meaning of value with our transparent pricing model—it’s not just about costs, it’s about trust, clarity, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ve made the right decision for your streaming needs.

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Insights at the Speed of Live.

Unlock the power of live data. With our real-time statistics, every stream becomes a source of instant insights.

Dive into the dynamic world of live streaming with our cutting-edge Real-Time Statistics feature. Every second counts, and our platform ensures you’re not just keeping pace but leading the charge. Experience the power of immediate insights as viewer interactions unfold in the moment, allowing you to adapt, engage, and optimize your content in real time. This isn’t just analytics; it’s your strategic advantage in a fast-moving digital landscape. With our Real-Time Statistics, you gain a deeper understanding of your audience’s behavior, preferences, and engagement patterns, empowering you to make data-driven decisions that enhance viewer satisfaction and maximize your streaming success. Embrace the future of streaming with analytics that are as live as your content, and turn insights into action the moment it matters most.

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Easy to use web player

Simplicity Redefined.

Experience our intuitive Web Player: Effortless streaming that connects and engages, making every live stream enjoyable for all.

Introducing our revolutionary Web Player, the ultimate streaming solution designed to seamlessly integrate into your website with just a simple HTML5 code snippet. Crafted for ease and elegance, our player embodies a sleek, minimalist design that complements any site aesthetic, ensuring your live streams not only look professional but are effortlessly accessible to your audience. With its user-friendly interface, embedding live content has never been easier or more visually appealing. Elevate your live streaming experience with a player that’s as straightforward as it is stylish, making every broadcast an engaging event for viewers. Welcome to the future of live streaming, where simplicity meets sophistication.

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Connect. Engage. Elevate.

Our chat room feature brings your audience together, turning your streams into interactive experiences.

Elevate your live streaming experience with our innovative Chat Room Add-On, transforming passive viewing into interactive engagement. This feature bridges the gap between content creators and their audience, fostering a community where conversations flourish in real-time. Whether it’s a Q&A session, live feedback, or just sharing the moment, our Chat Room Add-On brings your audience closer than ever before. It’s not just about watching; it’s about participating, connecting, and creating shared experiences that resonate long after the stream ends. With easy integration and seamless operation, it’s the perfect way to enhance engagement, increase viewer retention, and build a loyal community around your content. Turn every stream into a dynamic, interactive event where every viewer is part of the story.

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Live Stream Hosting

per month, excl. VAT*
concurrent viewers

* Prices are exclusive of VAT and offers are tailored specifically for business customers as defined in §14 BGB (German Civil Code). The minimum contract term is one month. Contracts auto-renew for an additional month if not cancelled before the term ends.


Frequently Asked Questions

Streamlined Answers for Your Streaming Success

How quickly can my Live Stream Hosting service be activated after booking?

Your Live Stream Hosting service can typically be activated within 24 hours after booking, ensuring a swift start to your streaming projects.

What technical requirements are needed for Live Stream Hosting?

You’ll need a stable internet connection and a device capable of encoding your video content. We support a wide range of encoding software and hardware.

Which protocols are supported for streaming?

We support RTMP (Real-Time Messaging Protocol) as the input for your live streams, ensuring a reliable and high-quality transmission. For output, we utilize HLS (HTTP Live Streaming), offering widespread compatibility and adaptive streaming capabilities to provide the best viewing experience across various devices and network conditions.

How do I book add-ons?

After clicking ‘Subscribe,’ you’ll be presented with the option to add various Add-Ons to your service. This step allows you to customize your streaming experience to fit your specific needs. Additionally, you can view the prices of each Add-On, ensuring transparency and helping you make informed decisions tailored to your project’s requirements.

How do you ensure security and privacy in streaming?

We use SSL/HTTPS encryption for all streams, alongside other security measures, to protect your content and viewer data.

Is it possible to embed the stream on our own website?

Absolutely. We provide an HTML5 code snippet for easy embedding, making your stream accessible directly on your site.

What billing options are available?

We offer various billing options, including monthly and annual plans, to suit different needs and budgets.

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