Multi Streaming

Stream to multiple platforms simultaneously. Up to 10 custom destinations to reach your audience on every platform.

Our customers' trust in our services reflects our commitment to providing exceptional live streaming solutions.

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Every Platform, Your Stage.

Step into the spotlight on your terms. Our Multi Streaming solution puts you on up to 10 platforms at the same time, seamlessly.

From the vast audiences of mainstream social media platforms to the focused groups of niche communities, your content can now resonate across the digital spectrum with unparalleled ease.

Embrace a future where your streams are not confined to a single platform but are shared across the web, amplifying your voice and multiplying your impact. With our Multistreaming service, every broadcast becomes an opportunity to reach further, engage more deeply, and explore the full potential of your digital presence. Join us, and turn every stream into a bridge connecting you with viewers around the world.

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Effortlessly Intuitive.

Experience the pinnacle of simplicity with our service. Designed to transform complexity into clarity, our platform guides you with seamless ease, making every interaction intuitively straightforward.

Crafted with creators in mind, our service simplifies the streaming process, making it as intuitive as it is powerful. This means not just spreading your message, but also forging stronger, more meaningful connections with audiences across multiple platforms. Our Multistreaming solution is more than a tool; it’s a strategy to diversify your audience, engage with viewers on their preferred platforms, and build a vibrant, inclusive community centered around your content.

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Peak Performance, Multiplied.

Experience the power of broadcasting without compromise, where excellence is echoed across every channel.

In the realm of digital broadcasting, quality is paramount. Our Multistreaming service is meticulously designed to honor this principle by delivering your streams exactly as you intended—pristine, powerful, and uncompromised. We stand apart by ensuring that your content is relayed 1:1 without compression, preserving the highest possible quality from source to screen.

This commitment means that every pixel, every shade, and every note arrives at your audience’s devices in its original glory. Unlike other services that compress streams, potentially degrading clarity and impact, we maintain the integrity of your broadcast across all platforms. By choosing our service, you’re not just spreading your message; you’re sharing an experience that’s true to your vision.

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Multi streaming

per month, excl. VAT*

* Prices are exclusive of VAT and offers are tailored specifically for business customers as defined in §14 BGB (German Civil Code). The minimum contract term is one month. Contracts auto-renew for an additional month if not cancelled before the term ends.


Frequently Asked Questions

Streamlined Answers for Your Streaming Success

What is multi streaming?

Multi Streaming allows you to broadcast live video content to multiple streaming platforms simultaneously, maximizing your reach.

How many platforms can I stream to simultaneously with your service?

Our service enables you to stream to up to 10 different platforms at once, including major social media and streaming sites but also custom RTMP destinations that you can specify yourself.

Is there a difference in stream quality across different platforms?

We forward your stream without any compression to your specified destinations, but the final output may vary depending on each platform’s specific requirements and limitations.

How does Multi Streaming affect my internet bandwidth?

Streaming to multiple platforms using our service does not require more bandwidth than streaming to one service as the distribution is performed by our servers.

How do I set up Multi Streaming with your service?

Setting up is simple: Either enter the stream keys of the accounts you want to stream to on your desired platforms or enter the custom RTMP destinations and start your stream to our servers. As soon as the stream is started we will begin forwarding your stream to all destinations simultaneously.

What happens if one platform experiences issues during the stream?

Our service is designed to independently manage each stream. If one platform encounters an issue, streams to other platforms will continue unaffected.

Which platforms are compatible with the Multi Streaming service?

Our Multi Streaming service is designed to be universally compatible, supporting any platform that supports the RTMP protocol for streaming which is the industry standard and therefore supported by nearly all streaming platforms. This ensures you can reach your audience, no matter where they prefer to watch.

Can I use hardware/software XYZ with your service?

Yes, our service is compatible with any hardware or software solution that supports streaming via the RTMP protocol to custom destinations. This flexibility allows you to choose the tools that best fit your streaming needs while ensuring seamless integration with our Multi Streaming service.

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