IRL Endpoint Server

Unlock superior streaming with our Broadcasting Server, based on OBS Studio’s open-source technology. Stream seamlessly from the cloud with unparalleled flexibility and quality, no local hardware needed.

Our customers' trust in our services reflects our commitment to providing exceptional live streaming solutions.

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Mobile Integration

Live anywhere.

Transform your mobile device into a live broadcasting powerhouse with our IRL Endpoint Server. Seamlessly integrate mobile live streams into OBS Studio, and capture the world in real-time.

In a world where mobility is everything, our IRL (In Real Life) Endpoint Server bridges the gap between the spontaneity of mobile streaming and the professional production quality of OBS Studio. This innovative feature allows you to effortlessly incorporate live streams from your mobile device into OBS Studio, enabling a new dimension of creativity and flexibility in your broadcasts. Now with the added versatility of streaming via RTMP, SRT, or SRTLA, your options for delivering content are as boundless as your creativity.

Whether you’re covering live events, sharing real-time experiences, or connecting with your audience on the go, our solution ensures that your mobile streams are not just added to your broadcast—they’re seamlessly integrated, maintaining the high production standards you’ve set in OBS Studio. This is where the power of mobility meets the art of broadcasting, allowing you to capture and share the world around you with unprecedented ease and quality. The inclusion of RTMP, SRT, and SRTLA streaming protocols means your streams are more reliable, secure, and adaptable to varying network conditions, ensuring a superior viewing experience.

Our IRL Endpoint Server is designed for creators who refuse to be constrained by the studio. It’s for the adventurers, the explorers, and the storytellers who want to bring their audience along for the journey, wherever it may lead. With support for a range of streaming protocols and just a few clicks, your mobile live streams are elevated from simple videos to professional broadcasts, complete with all the capabilities OBS Studio offers.

Step into the future of live broadcasting with our IRL Endpoint Server. It’s not just about going live; it’s about bringing your audience closer to the action, wherever you are. Live anywhere, broadcast everywhere, and never miss a moment with the ultimate mobile integration for OBS Studio, enhanced by the flexibility and reliability of RTMP, SRT, and SRTLA streaming options.

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Seamless Transitions.

Elevate your broadcast with our IRL Endpoint Server’s intelligent scene-switching, dynamically adapting to the stream’s bitrate for flawless viewing experiences.

In the realm of live broadcasting, the quality of your stream is paramount. That’s why our IRL Endpoint Server introduces an innovative feature: Automatic Scene Switching based on the incoming stream’s bitrate. This cutting-edge technology ensures that your broadcast seamlessly adapts in real-time, maintaining the highest quality viewing experience for your audience, regardless of fluctuating network conditions.

Imagine the power of a broadcast that intelligently transitions between scenes to match the stream’s bitrate, minimizing disruptions and optimizing viewer engagement. Whether the bitrate dips due to network constraints or surges as it stabilizes, our server smartly adjusts, switching scenes to ensure the broadcast remains smooth and captivating.

This feature is designed for broadcasters who demand excellence and consistency in their streams. It’s for the creators who understand that in the world of live streaming, adaptability is key to capturing and keeping an audience’s attention. With our IRL Endpoint Server, you’re not just broadcasting; you’re crafting an experience that’s dynamically tailored to the moment, ensuring that every transition is as seamless as the narrative you’re sharing.

Step into the future of broadcasting with our smart scene-switching technology. It’s not just an enhancement to your stream; it’s a commitment to quality, engagement, and the seamless delivery of content. With the IRL Endpoint Server, your broadcasts are not only live; they’re alive with the potential for perfection in every frame.

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Alerts & Overlays

Streamline your broadcasts.

Connect the world to your studio with our IRL Endpoint Server. Capture mobile streams and effortlessly integrate them into your OBS Studio setup, maintaining the creative control you love.

In the ever-evolving landscape of live broadcasting, flexibility and control are paramount. Our IRL Endpoint Server is engineered to seamlessly bridge the gap between the dynamic world of mobile streaming and the structured environment of your local OBS Studio. This innovative server acts as a pivotal endpoint, receiving streams from anywhere in the world and funneling them directly into your OBS Studio, where you can apply the familiar alerts, overlays, and production magic you’re known for.

Imagine the possibilities when your mobile streams can be as rich and interactive as your studio broadcasts. With our solution, the process of integrating live mobile content into your OBS Studio becomes a streamlined, hassle-free experience. Whether you’re broadcasting live events, capturing in-the-moment reactions, or bringing remote contributors into your stream, our server ensures that these mobile feeds blend seamlessly into your production, maintaining the high-quality standards and interactive elements your audience expects.

Designed to empower creators, our IRL Endpoint Server offers the ultimate flexibility in content creation, extending the capabilities of OBS Studio beyond the confines of the studio. It’s about enhancing your creative toolkit, not replacing it, providing a robust conduit for mobile streams to be incorporated into your professional workflow. This means no compromises on quality or creativity; just more ways to connect, engage, and wow your audience.

Step into a new era of broadcasting with our IRL Endpoint Server, where every mobile stream becomes a natural extension of your OBS Studio production. It’s not just about streaming; it’s about creating a cohesive, interactive, and immersive broadcast experience, no matter where the content originates. With our server, the world becomes your studio, and your creative potential knows no bounds.

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Command creatively.

Revolutionize your streaming workflow with our IRL Endpoint Server, now featuring Twitch Chat Bot control. Engage, interact, and command your stream with the power of chat.

In the interactive world of streaming, engagement is the key to creating memorable experiences. Our IRL Endpoint Server takes this interaction to the next level by introducing Twitch Chat Bot control, a feature that transforms your audience’s chat messages into commands that can control your stream in real-time. This seamless integration of chat-based commands not only enhances viewer engagement but also adds a layer of dynamic interaction that keeps your audience invested and involved.

Imagine the possibilities when your viewers can influence the stream’s direction, toggle camera angles, or even trigger on-screen alerts, all through simple chat commands. This feature bridges the gap between broadcaster and viewer, creating a collaborative environment where the audience plays an active role in the content creation process. It’s not just about watching a stream; it’s about being a part of it.

Designed with both the streamer and the audience in mind, our Twitch Chat Bot control is intuitive and customizable, ensuring that you can tailor the experience to fit your unique streaming style. Whether you’re looking to automate certain aspects of your broadcast or introduce interactive games and challenges, our solution provides the tools you need to make it happen.

Step into the future of interactive streaming with our IRL Endpoint Server. Command your broadcast creatively, engage with your audience on a whole new level, and unlock the full potential of live streaming. With Twitch Chat Bot control, your stream becomes more than a show; it becomes a shared experience, where every chat message holds the power to shape the story.

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IRL Endpoint Server

per month, excl. VAT*

* Prices are exclusive of VAT and offers are tailored specifically for business customers as defined in §14 BGB (German Civil Code). The minimum contract term is one month. Contracts auto-renew for an additional month if not cancelled before the term ends.


Frequently Asked Questions

Streamlined Answers for Your Streaming Success

What is an IRL Endpoint Server?

An IRL Endpoint Server is a cloud-based solution designed to receive live video streams from various sources, including mobile devices, and seamlessly integrate them into your OBS Studio setup for professional broadcasting.

How does the IRL Endpoint Server enhance my streaming experience?

It allows for real-time integration of mobile streams into professional broadcasts, enabling more dynamic and interactive content by bridging the gap between in-studio and in-field streaming.

Which streaming protocols are supported by the IRL Endpoint Server?

Our server supports popular streaming protocols such as RTMP, SRT, and SRTLA, offering flexibility in how you broadcast and ensuring compatibility with a wide range of devices.

Can I control my stream directly from Twitch Chat using the IRL Endpoint Server?

Yes, our server integrates with Twitch Chat Bot to allow real-time stream control and interaction, enhancing viewer engagement through chat commands.

What are the technical requirements for using the IRL Endpoint Server?

You’ll need a stable internet connection and a device capable of sending live video feeds via supported protocols. Integration with OBS Studio requires a basic understanding of streaming software settings.

Is the IRL Endpoint Server compatible with all mobile devices?

Yes, as long as your mobile device can broadcast video over supported protocols like RTMP, it can work seamlessly with our IRL Endpoint Server.

How do I set up the IRL Endpoint Server with OBS Studio?

Setting up involves configuring your OBS Studio to receive streams from the IRL Endpoint Server. We provide step-by-step guides to simplify this process.

Can I use the IRL Endpoint Server for events outside of Twitch, such as webinars or live shows on other platforms?

Absolutely. While our server offers unique integrations like Twitch Chat Bot control, it’s designed to enhance live broadcasts across all platforms, making it perfect for a wide range of events.

Is there a limit to the number of viewers who can interact with my stream via the Twitch Chat Bot?

No, the interaction limit is governed by Twitch’s platform capabilities, allowing you to engage with as broad an audience as Twitch supports.

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